Wootton Parish (Nr Abingdon) Definitive Rights of Way Map

Wootton Parish (Nr Abingdon) Definitive Rights of Way Map.
Crown Copyright. © Ordnance Survey 2020.

Oxfordshire County Council have an obligation to hold a map that shows the definitive route for all the Rights of Way in Wootton Parish (Nr Abingdon). The PDF below is a high-resolution map showing these Rights of Way. This map and definitive statement is the legal record of public rights of way.

Public rights of way are the main means of getting about in the countryside. They are minor highways, protected in law like all other public roads. There are four types:

Footpath: a public right of way with recorded rights for walkers. Waymarked with yellow arrows. Bridleway: a public right of way with recorded rights for walkers, horse riders and cyclists Waymarked with blue arrows.

Restricted Byway (formerly Road Used as Public Path RUPP): A public right of way with recorded rights to walk, ride a horse or bicycle and use a horse drawn carriage. Waymarked with purple arrows.

Byway open to all traffic (BOAT): a public right of way with recorded rights for all users. Waymarked with red arrows.

*Other access rights may exist on some routes including unrecorded higher rights for other users and/or private access rights to land and property. Although it is unlawful to use motor vehicles on footpaths, bridleways and restricted byways, there may be other private rights of access with vehicles.

You have a right to ‘pass and repass’ along public rights of way. You may take a pram, pushchair or wheelchair if the path is suitable. If you come across an illegal obstruction then you have a right to take a short deviation around it or remove as much as is necessary to get past.

When using public rights of way please remember:

  • to have the correct maps or literature with you to find your way accurately along the route
  • to follow the countryside code
  • that the countryside is where farmers, foresters and others earn their living. Please exercise your rights with courtesy and consideration for their livelihood
  • cyclists and horseriders must not use footpaths. Cyclists should give way to riders and walkers. Horseriders should give way to walkers
  • wherever possible use public transport to get out into the countryside
  • if you use a car, do not park where it could cause obstruction to local residents or access to a field
  • if you go as a group, please walk or ride in single file where necessary (for example through crops) and do not spread out beyond the width of the path
  • if you come across problems, such as locked gates, dangerous animals, obstruction by crops, fallen or overhanging trees please help by reporting them to the county council.

Please download the High Resolution of the definitive Rights of way Map and statement below:

All Maps and Documents © Oxfordshire County Council and Crown Copyright, Ordnance Survey 2020.