Wootton Parish Covid-19 Response Team – Volunteer FAQ

What services are we hoping volunteers can provide to those self-isolating due to Covid-19?

The final list of services is still be to confirmed and will depend on how many volunteers we have. However it is hoped the following will be offered.

  1. Collecting/delivering urgent food supplies
  2. Collecting/delivering prescriptions
  3. Posting Mail
  4. Friendly Phone Call

What services will volunteers not be providing?

  1. Non-essential food supplies
  2. Medical advice/diagnosis
  3. Childcare
  4. Dog walking
  5. Financial advice
  6. Banking

How does the volunteering work?

  • Each resident is allocated a ‘street contact’.  This is the first person the resident in need will contact. 
  • There will be an ‘area contact’ which will oversee multiple streets. 
  • These contact details will be sent out once the team of volunteers are in place. If you need assistance before then please use the ‘Request Help’ Page

How does the request process work?

  1. Resident contacts their street contact to request help
  2. If items are requested and the street contact is able to fulfil these then they should
  3. If items cannot be fulfilled by the street contact for any reason (item missing from shop/they are self isolating/too many other requests) then they should contact the area contact who can reach out to other volunteers to see if they are able to help

How will payments be fulfilled?

Where possible, residents will be directed to services who accept orders and payment over the phone. Our team of volunteers will then simply as a collection and delivery service.

If payment is needed, then the resident requesting help will be asked to confirm how payment will be made at the point of making the request.

How will deliveries work?

Volunteers will leave deliveries on the door step, ring the bell and stand at least 6ft away from the door.  Once the resident has collected the items they will leave the property.  If payment is required then the resident should leave the money where the delivery was left and the volunteer will collect after the door has closed.