Wootton Parish Boundary Review – Attention All Residents

At present, the Vale of White Horse District Council is carrying out a community governance review to ensure that parishes continue to properly represent the local area and their residents. The Wootton Parish Council has been informed by the Vale that Sunningwell Parish Council has requested that the part of Boars Hill which is in our parish be transferred to their control.  Wootton Parish Council has been asked to respond to this request by the end of April, which makes it impossible to place a notice in the WADS News Magazine informing residents of the proposal.

Wootton Parish Council believes that no changes should be made to the present boundaries of the parish on the grounds the parish as presently constituted works well for the benefit of all the residents.  Your Council is particularly concerned that the removal of Boars Hill from the parish would necessarily lead to a sizeable reduction in the money we receive each year and spend within the community.  We’d love to be more inclusive within the parish and have everyone working towards the common good.

The Council is very keen to hear what residents of the parish think of Sunningwell’s request so that we can have some sense of the community’s position informing our response.  You need to say no more than whether you are for or against the proposal and provide your address but you’re welcome to respond with more details.

Please could replies be sent as soon as possible to the parish clerk, Wendy Quigley: parish.clerk@woottonabingdon-pc.gov.uk or 32, Lamborough Hill, Wootton, OX13 6BZ. PS.

Alternatively, you can complete the Questionnaire below and/or complete the response on this page: https://survey.southandvale.gov.uk/s/CommunityGovernanceReviewsVale_Feedback

2. Please indicate which age groups live within your household(required)

In 2010, Wootton Parish Council took a government loan to support the redevelopment of the WADS Community Centre. If the Parish is split then the remaining households will still be liable for the loan and the households that have left the parish won’t be liable anymore. Every remaining household within Wootton Parish will therefore have to pay more to service the loan.

3. Do you use the Community Centre?(required)

Wootton Parish Council grants thousands of pounds every year to support the WADS Community Centre. If the Parish is split we believe we won’t be able to support the Community Centre to the same amount. In addition, people in the breakaway Parish won’t be supporting the Community Centre with their Council Tax but will still be using it.

3. Do you think it's fair that if the Parish is split it will likely affect the amount the Parish can support WADS Community Centre?(required)

4. Would you like to see the Parish split up?(required)

Wootton Parish Council currently has two vacancies for Parish Councillors.

5. Would you like to see more people from Boars Hill becoming Parish Council Members?(required)

As a starting point for working with the households in Boars Hill Wootton Parish Council is suggesting we change the parish name to Wootton & Boars Hill Parish Council. We’d then hope to work inclusively with all areas of the parish to make everyone feel included.

6. Would you like to see the parish renamed to be more inclusive of Boars Hill?(required)

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