Wootton (Nr Abingdon) Parish Council – What We Do

Wootton (Nr Abingdon) Parish council has various responsibilities and powers and they include the following:

  • Provision of village halls (Wootton Parish Council were instrumental in the setup of the community centre and still paying off a large loan taken out on behalf of the community centre for the renovations).
  • Provision of Bus shelters.
  • Provision and maintenance of recreation grounds, parks, children’s play areas, playing fields owned by the Parish council.
  • Provision and maintenance of cemeteries.
  • Control of litter.
  • Provision and maintenance of public seats.
  • Reporting on the maintenance of footpaths and bridleways.
  • Acquisition and maintenance of rights of way.
  • Maintenance of war memorials.
  • Support and encouragement of arts and crafts.
  • Providing grants to local voluntary organisations.
  • Sponsoring public events.
  • Funding crime prevention measures.
  • Creation of a neighbourhood plan.
  • Guardianship of common land.
  • Withholding of consent to stop up unclassified highways and footpaths.