Wootton (Abingdon) Parish Council Historical Minute Archive

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IMG 4253

Wootton Parish Council have undertaken a process to digitise their historical Parish Council minutes and to make them available for public viewing. This is an on-going process and further documents will be provided here when possible.

Minutes 1894-1910

Minutes 1910-1925

Minutes 1925-1935

Minutes 1935-1950

Minutes 1950-1953

Minutes 1953-1992

To Be Digitised

Minutes 1992-1994

Minutes 1994-2000

To Be Digitised

Minutes 2000-2002

Minutes 2002-2014

To Be Digitised

Minutes 2014 Onwards

Please see monthly minutes available on this page: https://woottonabingdon-pc.gov.uk/wootton-parish-council-minutes-and-agendas/