Road Safety in Wootton Parish

Like many local residents, Wootton Parish Council is becoming increasingly concerned with speed of traffic travelling through our parish.  This causes concerns firstly for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other road users but it also results in additional noise and disruption to our village and community.

The Road Safety Group has been set up to look at ways we can address this problem and improve safety for all road users.  We are currently identifying all areas within the parish which presents a concern and identifying viable solutions.

We are working with local County Councillor Emily Smith to try and ensure Wootton Parish benefits from the next Local Transport Plan.  Oxfordshire County Council are due to begin work on this imminently.   Emily is very keen to see a a cycle path linking the parish to Abingdon and we our providing our full support with this proposal.

We are also working with local schools and we are hoping to come up with some new ideas to make school journey’s safer and healthier for children, parents and staff.

In the interim, we are offering all residents living on the main routes through the Parish of Wootton ’30mph wheelie bin stickers’ free of charge in the hope it will encourage some motorist to reduce their speed.  

Residents with driveways directly accessing the B4017 from Whitecross, up Lamborough Hill, through Wootton and into Henwood and houses on the North side of Besselsleigh Road (i.e. those within Wootton Parish) are invited to email the Parish Clerk to request for four bin stickers from the parish council (two for grey bin, two for recycling bin).

Please note: if you have already requested a bin sticker you do not need to do so again and yours will be delivered to you by the end of May 2020.

30 please drive carefully 2019 wootton
30 please drive carefully 2019 wootton