Parking by the One-Stop on Besselsleigh Road in Wootton Parish

As we all know parking in Wootton is not easy; there are more cars than our roads can comfortably manage. This has resulted in a number of cars being parked on pavements. This poses considerable difficulty for our elderly, our disabled residents and for parents with small children.

This is well illustrated by the photograph showing a recent situation faced by one of our residents when trying to use the pavement outside One Stop.

Pavement Parking 1 rtd

Similar situations have recently been reported in Hawkins Way and Deerhurst Park. It is of course an offence to obstruct the pavement and the Parish Council has asked our PCSO to monitor the situation.

It would, however, be greatly appreciated if car owners could be thoughtful and considerate and remember when parking how difficult it can be for some of our fellow residents to move around in safety when the pavement is blocked.