Wootton Parish Council is committed to giving financial support to local initiatives but has a responsibility to distribute grants in a fair and equitable manner to reflect the value of the organisations, services or activities to the residents of Wootton Parish.
A grant is any payment made by the Parish Council to an organisation for a specific purpose that will benefit the Parish, or residents of the Parish, and which is not directly controlled or administered by the Parish Council.
To this end the Council will consider only donating to organisations, services or activities that can demonstrate the money will make a real difference to the services that they offer to the Parish

The Council will award grants, at its discretion, to Organisations that can demonstrate a clear need for financial support to the benefit of the Parish by:
a. providing a service;
b. enhancing the quality of life;
c. improving recreation and/or sports;
d. improving the environment;
e. promoting the Parish in a positive way.

The Parish Council will not award grants to:
a. private individuals;
b. commercial organisations;
c. purposes for which there is a statutory duty upon other local or central government
departments to fund or provide;
d. “Upward funders” i.e., local groups where fundraising is sent to a central HQ
e. for redistribution;
f. political parties;
g. religious organisations, unless for a purpose that does not discriminate on grounds of belief.
This list is not exclusive, and may be added to at the Council’s discretion.

Any and all grant requests are to be made to the Parish Clerk by 31st March and will be considered by
the Council at its May Full Council meeting. Each request will be considered individually and will be
treated on its own merits.
Grant applications must be submitted on a Grant Application Form accompanied by:
a. a copy of the organisation’s Constitution or Aims and objectives.
b. a copy of the organisation’s signed accounts for the previous financial year.
c. a copy of a bank statement (dated within 2 months of the application).
d. an equal opportunity statement.
e. a safeguarding policy and confidentiality or data protection policy, if working with
children, young people or vulnerable adults.
At the Council’s discretion other applications may be considered if sufficient information is provided.

Organisations receiving grant funding from the Parish Council are asked to include mention of the
financial support in any publicity associated with their project or event.