Boars Hill – Wootton Parish Council

Boars Hill

The earliest known record of Boars Hill (or Boreshill) is from the 12th century. The greater part of Boars Hill was historically a manor of the parish of Cumnor until the 19th century when the parish of Wootton was formed.

Although the Boars Hill post-code covers a much larger area the community tends to be located on the Ridgeway, Sandy Lane, Yarn Way and Old Boars Hill.  It has its own Boars Hill Association and publishes a regular newsletter.

The names derives from the 14th Century “Boreshulle” or “Boreshill”. There is a legend of an Oxford Scholar reading a book on the hill when a boar raced towards him and would have killed him if the scholar was not quick-witted enough to force the Greek Classical book in to the boars mouth.

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