Become a Parish Councillor in Wootton Near Abingdon

Would you like to get involved in shaping your community?   

Would you like to become a Parish Councillor?

There are currently 3 vacancies for co-option to the Parish Council to serve until the next election in May 2027.

For information about being a Councillor please see The Good Councillors Guide.

Why become a Parish Councillor?

Parish Councillors are elected representatives who volunteer their time freely to work on behalf of local residents. Individuals may also be co-opted at the discretion of the council if there is a vacancy. By becoming a Parish Councillor you can become a voice for your community. You will be involved in local decision-making and strategic planning for the benefit of the people you serve. Seeing your community change for the better, as a result of decisions you have helped make, is something that can give you a sense of achievement and pride.

What are the roles and responsibilities involved?

  • A Wootton Parish Councillor is one of 12 individuals, supported by the Parish Clerk, who are elected to represent the voice of residents within the village. This will involve engaging with local residents to ensure that their views are heard, understood and addressed.
  • As part of the Parish Council, you will have responsibility for managing local services and amenities such as the play areas, bus shelters and cricket field.
  • As part of the Parish Council you will help to make decisions regarding the finances involved in delivering local services.
  • You will be involved in working to protect and improve the built and natural environment of Wootton. This may involve contributing to long-term policy development or being part of the team that assesses and comments on local planning applications.
  • Working on short-term local projects.
  • Liaising and working in partnership with other organisations, agencies or neighbouring parish councils.

What skills do I need to be a Parish Councillor?

A Parish Council benefits from diversity and we welcome interest from people of different ages, backgrounds, experiences and abilities. Good communication skills, problem solving, analytical thinking and being a team player are all advantageous attributes.

How much time does being a Councillor take?

As with anything, what you get out of being a Parish Councillor will depend on what you are able to put in. How much time you are able to commit is largely down to the individual and what level of involvement you are hoping for. As a minimum, you would be expected to prepare for and attend the monthly Parish Council meetings held one evening per month. In addition, you will need to be free to attend the meetings of any working groups or Committees that you join such as Planning, Highways, Recreation, invest time in listening to local residents and researching information for any projects that you are involved in.

How long does a Parish Councillor serve for?

Elections occur every 4 years. The next election is in 2027. If you wish to remain on as a Parish Councillor you will need to stand for re-election.

Still interested?

The best way to discover if being a Wootton Parish Councillor is right for you is to come along to one of our meetings, meet the team and see us in action. Alternatively, feel free to contact any of the Parish Councillors through the website contacts page and have a chat with us. To register an interest in joining the council, please contact our clerk Email: or complete the form within the Councillor Co-Option Policy and Application 

Useful Publications and links

The Good Councillors Guide.