Wootton Parish Council Near Abingdon 2022 Autumn Frontpage.

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  • wootton parish lincombe lane 3 w
  • wootton parish community park 8 w
  • wootton parish fox lane to whitecross 2 w
  • wootton parish whitecross road 3 w
  • wootton parish bus hut w
  • wootton parish old boars hill fence 2 w
  • wootton parish wadscc 2 w
  • wootton parish white barn up 2 w
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  • wootton parish the fox inn 2 w
  • wootton parish foxcombe drive 2 w
  • wootton parish cricket ground 1 w
  • wootton parish whitecross road up2 w
  • wootton parish lincombe path 6 w
  • wootton parish the bystander w
  • wootton parish old boars hill w
  • wootton parish wootton community centre playing fields w
  • wootton parish ridgeway road 4 w
  • wootton parish lamborough hill 2 w
  • wootton parish wadscc 4 w

Boars Hill

The earliest known record of Boars Hill (or Boreshill) is from the 12th century. Read more…

Lamborough Hill

wootton parish lamborough hill 3

This part of the Parish is in the geographic centre of the Parish. Read more…


Whitecross is a linear hamlet spread along the B4017 about 1 km north-west of Abingdon. Read More…


wootton parish village 8

Wootton is a village and civil parish in the Vale of White Horse 5 km north-west of Abingdon. Read More…

Did you know?

Wootton Parish Council still pays a large loan on behalf of the Community Centre that relates to the renovations of the Centre.

Coronavirus is a national emergency.

Please visit the District Council COVID Support Page for details of how the community is getting together to help each other.

About Us

Our activities fall into three main categories: representing the local community, delivering services to meet local needs, and improving quality of life and community well being.

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Wootton Parish Council can help. Examples include:

  • We provide Grants for Local Projects
  • We provide new facilities such as playgrounds
  • We manage the litter picking

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